Frequently Asked Questions


How much advance notice do you need for security personnel to be booked?

Ideally bookings are 24 hours in advance; however security personnel are constantly in and out of short-term engagements so we can usually respond on fairly short notice- if your order cannot be filled when needed we will respond in one hour or less to let you know the next available time someone is available.


Are security personnel screened?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our personnel. Active, off duty cops, retired cops and ex- military make up our security team. We are very selective and the appropriate personnel with the security skills needed, to address your circumstances are matched.

If we cannot address your security needs or additional information is needed we will communicate with you directly to assure proper personnel are assigned for your engagement.


How do we know how many security personnel are needed for our engagement?

When you book an engagement, we ask for a description of the engagement you are addressing. If we do not feel you have adequately engaged sufficient security resources we will contact you in advance of the engagement. If our personnel reach an engagement and feel insufficient security has been booked, we will discuss and normally we can react quickly to address additional needs.


Can security personnel perform other duties while engaged for an assignment?

Security personnel are appropriately engaged as a preventive measure to minimize or eliminate risk factors. Any activities that take focus away from security is discouraged. However, special circumstances can be discussed and non-security personnel can frequently be added to an assignment if needed. It is always best to describe needs clearly in advance so we can specifically address any areas of concern or additional needs.


Can we schedule multiple transactions or recurring engagements?

Long-term contracts are not required, however, multiple times and dates can be scheduled in advance with flexibility as to times, number of security personnel needed and qualifications of personnel needed for special security circumstances.


How can I be assured that I will be satisfied with the personnel and service provided

Our service is guaranteed and you are not charged until our engagement is completed.